Greetings from 2021-2022 Immediate Past Chair

Dear OCAIR members and friends,

It was my honor and privilege to serve OCAIR as the 2020-2021 Chair and partner with volunteers on the Steering Committee and in our community to journey through a challenging time together during the pandemic.  In spite of the unprecedented challenges we have faced due to drastic changes in our routines, we have moved forward together to restore some normalcy in our activities as a community.  In light of the ongoing situation with the COVID-19, I hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe.

Working together as a team, volunteers on the Steering Committee and from our community were able to accomplish the following activities during this past year for our community:

  • OCAIR Newsletter Vol. 24: led by Lan Gao and Wendy Lin (our Co-Editors and Dynamic Duo)
  • Book Club on Big Data on Campus: led by Helen Qi, David Xie, Kai Zhou, Ying Zhou, and Henry Zheng (our 2021-2022 Chair)
  • Wednesday Wisdom Series and Learning Opportunities (Professional Development Resources): led by Hong Jiang (our Member-At-Large)
  • Friday Fun Series (Webinar and Workshop/Online Course): led by our guest speaker Shimon Sarraf from NSSE and Neal Luo (our Project Manager)
  • OCAIR Website and Membership Directory Update: led by Amy Yang (our Webmaster and Listserv Manager)
  • Holiday Fun Trivia Game: supported by Zhe Jiang (our Treasurer)
  • OCAIR Virtual Conference: led by Xiaoyan Liu (our Immediate Past Chair)
  • OCAIR Election: led by Henry Zheng (our 2021-2022 Chair)
  • OCAIR Membership Survey: led by Timothy Chow (our 2020-2021 Chair)

In addition to the named members above, I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the support and contribution by the 2020-2021 Award Selection Committee for their help with our OCAIR Awards Program (Best Presentation Award and Young Professional Travel Grant):

  • Xiaoyan Liu (Chair)
  • Kang Big
  • Lucy Dai
  • Bin Ning
  • Song Yan
  • Eric Yang
  • Timothy Chow

At our 2nd Virtual OCAIR Annual Business Meeting in May 2021, we have had the wonderful opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements and successes of the following members:

  • Yangzi Mao, Minghui Wang, and Faxian Yang: OCAIR 2020-2021 Best Presentation Award (Which Factors Contribute to Students’ Graduation Rate)
  • Enyu Zhou: OCAIR 2020-2021 Young Professional Travel Grant
  • Faxian Yang and Ying Zhou: OCAIR 2020-2021 Outstanding Service Award

Furthermore, we honor our members who exemplify the OCAIR’s caring spirit— “OCAIR, We Care!” and we have given our special Spirit Award to our outgoing Steering Committee members to express our heartfelt appreciation and recognize their leadership and dedicated services to our community:

  • Xiaoyan Liu: Immediate Past Chair
  • Hong Jiang: Member-At-Large

Although we have experienced an unusual year in 2020-2021, our members and friends have reached out to their colleagues and friends to invite them to be a part of our OCAIR community.  We would like to recognize and welcome the following colleagues as our new members:

  • Carol Chen, Stanford University
  • Pei Hu, Florida State University
  • Mikyong (Minsun) Kim, George Washington University
  • Tong Li, Penn State University
  • Kelly Lin, University of Hawaii Manoa
  • Yuhao Liu, Kansas State University
  • Yangzi Mao, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Florence Wu, University of Toronto
  • Hui Xiong, Wellesley College

Reflecting on the three focal areas of activities for the past year, again with support from our dedicated and talented Steering Committee members, we have been able to update our membership directory and gather feedback from some of our members via the membership survey.  Moreover, we have been able to identify and continue to offer professional development opportunities on timely topics, such as survey research and predictive analytics, to our membership.  Behind the scenes and with help from Amy Yang, we have also spent additional resources on updating our web content management system for our website.  We hope that the updated website may continue to serve as one of our primary communication channels, in addition to our OCAIR Listserv and WeChat Group, to share our major events, news, and updates with our community into the future.

As we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2021-2022, I would be remiss if I do not recognize the critical role played by our late friend Bill Knight again for his support to our Past Chair Robert Zhang that helped connecting OCAIR formally with AIR back in 1998.  As a way to commemorate Bill’s legacy and honor his memory, let us also reflect on how we can follow in Bill’s footsteps by dedicating our time, talents, and service for the greater good of OCAIR and the broader IR community.

In closing, I would like to congratulate everyone in our entire OCAIR community for reaching the significant milestone of a Silver Jubilee—25 years of friendship, caring support, and collaborations among members in our community!  It is with excitement and great anticipation that I begin my third year serving alongside with our talented members who have stepped up and volunteered to serve on the Steering Committee under the leadership of our 2021-2022 Chair Henry Zheng.  Continuing with support from our membership, I know that our community is in good hands for many years to come.

Timothy Chow