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OCAIR Best Practice Award Topic– Engaging Faculty in General Education Assessment

Yihui Li and Kristen Dreyfus


Faculty engagement has long been recognized as a central and critical element in a successful improvement-oriented assessment. However, engaging faculty in assessment remains a persistent challenge on many campuses. Engaging faculty in general education (GE) assessment can be particularly arduous, as the delivery of GE courses is often widely dispersed across multiple academic departments. In this session, we will share our experiences of engaging faculty in GE assessment at East Carolina University (ECU). We will discuss how we support faculty ownership of the assessment process and meet faculty where they are in their efforts of continuous quality improvement. We will also explain how we engage faculty by leveraging institutional data (e.g., demographics, HS GPA, credit hours, cumulative GPA, etc.) and initiatives, along with faculty grant ideas, and the research questions pertaining to their students